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Welcome to the Team! Onboarding Practices

Here you will find your onboarding practices. Any questions please speak to your training manager.


>>All other checklists can be found here. 

Training Consists of:

  • POS Toast Training
  • Opening / Closing Procedures
  • Wine Training
  • Sales / Customer Service Training
  • Food Prep Training (optional)
  • Receiving Inventory Training (optional)
  • Wine Flight / Wine Experiences Training (optional)
  • Event Common Procedures

Remember to: 

  • Please get clockin number if you have not already received yours
  • Clockin and Out on shift
  • Training period does not include tips yet
  • Please learn our menu. Can be found online and focus on Wines by the Glass first

It’s very important to have the new employee understand the dynamic and culture of Rebel Wine Bar. Sense of a family environment is a must and it’s important for the customer to have the same experience.

Final Comments:

  • Always treats all customers with hospitality and patience
  • Be respectful with all other staff members
  • Follow all policies and all operational procedures
    • New ideas and recommendations are always welcome to the best function of the company
  • Personal hygiene is very important, even more in this new healthy challenges we are facing
  • Bring to manager’s attention any issues or concerns regarding
    • Quality of food and beverages
    • Customers feedback
    • Complaints from customers or vendors
    • Wine suggestions from any clients
    • Any wrongdoing by any other staff members
  • Always be on time according to your schedule
  • Provide at least 48 hours in advance if for some reason you cannot attend to work
    • Inevitable circumstances will be taken in consideration
  • Give the company manager at least two weeks notice if for some reason you decide to no longer work at the Rebel Wine Bar
  • No sexual harassment will be tolerated and must be brought immediately to manager’s attention
  • Wear gloves when handling food

When training complete please fill out this Onboarding Survey

Upholding Our Integrity at Rebel Wine Bar

We deeply trust and value each member of our team. Our success is built on the honesty and strong character that you bring to work every day. We are confident in the integrity of our team.

To protect the business we’ve all worked hard to build, please be aware of the following policies:

Proper Use of Discounts & Promotions

  • All discounts and promos must be applied as intended to eligible purchases
  • Improper use, such as excessive discounting, is considered theft
  • “Sweethearting” (giving unauthorized free items to anyone) is not allowed

Handling Cash Payments

  • Enter the full cash amount into the register
  • Provide the correct change to the customer
  • Pocketing any cash from the drawer or customers is theft and grounds for termination

Consequences of Theft

  • We have monitoring systems in place to review transactions
  • If evidence of theft is found, we will take appropriate corrective action
  • In certain cases, we reserve the right to file a police report

Rest assured, these policies are only a precaution. We have full faith in our amazing team. If you ever have questions or concerns, please talk to management – we are here to support you!

Our shared commitment to integrity is what makes Rebel Wine Bar such a special place to work. Thank you for upholding these values every day.

Opening Procedures


Opening Checklist Here


  • Fill in 3 compartment sinks:
    • Wash: Hot water and 1 scoop of Glass Washing Powder
    • Rinse: Mix of hot and cold water
    • Sanitize: Cold water with 1 blue tablet
  • Check and restock Wine Cooler – Check temperature
  • Check and restock Beer Cooler – Freedom Tower, Lagunita IPA, Perrier, Coke Zero, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Water and Coca-cola on top.
  • Modelo, Guinness and Heineken on the middle shelf.
  • Stella Artois, Michelob Ultra and Ginger Ale on the bottom shelf.
  • Check and restock Food Cooler: Cheeseboard kits, apricot jam and blueberry jam, blueberries/blackberries, box with pre cut strawberries, grapes and asiago cheese on top shelf
  • Pears, prosciutto, arugula and goat cheese, box with pre cut salami and sausage on middle shelf
  • Mozzarella Cheese and open white bottles on the bottom shelf.
  • Fill the measuring cup with hot water and place 2 spoons
  • Check and fill container with black gloves
  • Refill water in the ice machine as needed.
  • Wipe down bar counter with Orange All purpose cleaner
  • Refill napkin holders with black napkins
  • Turn Toast Machine on
  • Count money drawer + “adjust Drawer” if not done already
  • Turn on music Sonos


  • Fill up water bucket with the mop liquid + 1/2 cup of bleach
  • Lower all chairs and wipe down all top tables
  • Place coasters on top of all tables
  • Place outside tables and chairs, coasters and plant vases
  • Place Sonos speakers outside on top of door lamp
  • Place ashtray between the two tables
  • Check and sweep outside as necessary
  • Turn on the OPEN sign
  • Disconnect Toat Handheld devices charges and put away in the respective case (by cash drawer)
  • Arrange Wine walls as necessary (try to combine bottles as its easier to identify them by the customers and yourself when busy)
  • Align bottle faces and dust as necessary

Closing Procedures

Closing Checklist Here


  • Wash, polish and put away all remaining glasses or dishes
  • Flush 3 compartment sink (one at a time in order not to overflow)
  • Wipe down bar counter and toast system counter removing all open bottles
  • Make sure to pump all open bottles
  • Remove and wash bar counter mats
  • Remove floor mats and sweep and mop
  • Count money drawer / “Close out day” on Toast POS system


  • Remove all coasters from tables and wipe tables
  • Place all chairs on top of tables carefully
  • Sweep areas underneath tables, moving bar stools and coaches
  • Sweep bathrooms
  • Mop areas underneath tables, bar and under coaches
  • Mop bathrooms
  • Place tables and chairs, plant vases and ashtray inside the bar
  • Remove Sonos speakers from door lamp and charge
  • Turn off the OPEN sign
  • Remove trash from male restroom combining it onto the female restroom trash (White trash bag)
  • Insert new trash bag on female restroom
  • Remove trash and Recycling trash (when dumping outside keep in mind to dump only the content given that they will not pick up if inside a trash bag)
  • Plug Toast handheld devices to charge overnight (every 2 nights or as necessary)
  • Dump water after mopping has been been finished
  • Lock doors
  • Turn off Lights

Short Term Staff Member Payments

All staff members less than 6 months with us will be paid through venmo / zelle. To check hours and tips please view information on your Toast POS login code.


Long Term Staff Member Payments

  • You will receive an email from Gusto Payroll. Please fill out direct deposit information. 
  • Please double check to make sure your name, contact information is properly spelled

Anyone that has signed up to become a member of our team and has decided not to show up to their scheduled shift without at least 3 hours notice or a replacement will result in a $50 deduction from their check considered as a loss of business service fee.

At Rebel Wine Bar, we promote transparency, and if there is anything going on, please tell us before we have to follow these procedures.

Staff Scheduling

Rebel Wine Bar is currently using Sling application where we will attach your personal phone number and email onto our group account. You can add your unavailability, days off for whatever reason and assign yourself shifts if you choose to.




Please note* Empty shifts and additional shifts will be assigned based on what you mentioned your original availability was. 

Your application will notify you 1 hour before your shift as a reminder that you are assigned to a specific shift.

** The app also allows to add unavailable days once approved by management. Please do so one week prior.

Bar Etiquette

  • Always greet customers with a smile and maintain a friendly and pleasant expression.
  • Stand upright, do not fold your arms in front of the customer.
  • Do not play with your hair and jewelry when you are at the front of the house area.
  • Ensure a positive body language at all times.
  • Always be tactful and courteous, never argue with customers.
  • Be humorous and even-tempered, do not become over friendly with customers.
  • Use gloves when handling food
  • Always be attentive when speaking to customers and look at the customer when addressing him/ her.
  • Always look and act professionally, do understand that there are other customers watching your behavior.
  • Always appear confident and be positive.
  • Always listen carefully to the customer when talking to him/ her.
  • Try to use the customer’s name at least twice once known.
  • Try to ask the right questions to identify the needs of the customers.
  • Talk clearly and maintain a good tone of voice at all times.
  • Do not criticize one customer to another.
  • Never weary the customer with your troubles.
  • Never discuss religion or politics with customers.
  • Be specific in your explanations, in-case of any doubt then consult your colleagues and promptly get back to the customer.
  • Always give the customer a warm and friendly welcome, “Good morning Mr Bond, how may I help you today”.
  • Make the customer feel comfortable and safe.
  • Identify the customer’s needs and try to provide anticipatory service.
  • Always observe what is happening around you and be ready to assist the customer when needed.
  • Show customers a sympathetic interest.
  • Take your time for the customer and do not rush with them.
  • Always recommend in-house special, sangria or Happy Hour wines to customers and provide the coaster to QR the menu.
  • Appear neat and tidy but never severe or harsh or strict to the customers.
  • Always try to maintain eye contact with the customers.
  • Should have a good wine knowledge and keep updating about new wines and packages offered.
  • Know who is who in the bar organization.
  • Know about repeating customers.
  • Have a clear understanding of the layout of the bar, i.e. exit door.
  • Should know the location, timings, promotions and theme nights of the bar.
  • Know which function is taking place and where.
  • Have a good knowledge of the place and surroundings where the bar is situated, eg: nearby places of interest, distance to the airport etc.
  • when not busy, BE PRODUCTIVE, your teammates will appreciate it 

Things to Do When Not Busy

  • restock wine shelves + Diamonds
  • Clean windows
  • sweep outside in front and outdoor rug
  • restock fridges
  • food prep / cut cheeses, fruit etc.
  • remove any food that went bad
  • clean inside fridges
  • clean bathrooms / check to restock paper towels or toilet paper

Birthday/Celebration Procedures

If they would like wine tastings, we will have to talk to them to coordinate. Please get their contact info so that someone can follow up.

General Birthdays we provide 1 flute of Cava Bubbly to the group and use the polaroid for the group picture to give to them. Maybe come up with a funny cheers.

Polaroid: please make sure there is film in the camera and the camera is charged.

Business Phone

Business phone is solely used for Wine Bar Purposes in the functions of:

  • Open Table Reservations
  • Groupon Redemptions
  • Making Phone Reservations
  • General Customer Service Calls
  • Event Bookings and Confirmations
  • Sonos Music Playing

If the phone is lost or stolen, whom was on shift will be charged in the cost of replacing the phone + new sim card.


POS Toast Issues

Please call Toast at (617) 682-0225

Internet Issues

If you would like to report an issue please call Comcast at 1-800-Xfinity (800-934-6489).

Broken Item Policy

At Rebel Wine Bar, we understand that accidents happen from time to time. However, to maintain our supplies and inventory, we must implement the following policy regarding broken or damaged items:

  • Employees are expected to exercise care when handling any bar property, including glassware, dishes, equipment, furnishings, decorations, etc.
  • Any employee who breaks or damages an item due to willful misconduct or gross negligence will be held financially responsible for its replacement.
  • Damaged items must be reported immediately to a manager on duty. The manager will assess the damage and determine if the employee is responsible for reimbursement or replacement based on the circumstances.
  • If the breakage was clearly accidental and the employee was not behaving negligently, they will not be held responsible. However, repeat accidents may warrant further training or disciplinary action.
  • Failure to report a broken item will be considered grounds for discipline or termination.
  • Management reserves the right to deduct the cost of the broken item from the responsible employee’s paycheck if they fail to reimburse Rebel Wine Bar within one week of the incident occurring.

With everyone’s cooperation, we can minimize unnecessary waste and breakage. Please be attentive and exercise caution when handling any bar property. Thank you for your understanding.

By working at Rebel Wine Bar, you agree to uphold our Non-Disparagement Agreement. This agreement emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive and respectful work environment and refraining from making negative or damaging statements about our business, employees, or customers. We value open communication and constructive feedback, and this agreement helps us achieve that. If you do not have a copy of our agreement please email us at [email protected]

Thank you for your commitment to Rebel Wine Bar’s success and for fostering a positive atmosphere within our team.

At Rebel Wine Bar, ensuring a welcoming, safe environment for all staff and guests is our top priority. To uphold these standards, we utilize an incident form to properly document any disrespectful, inappropriate, or unsafe behavior that may occur on the premises. Promptly reporting these incidents, no matter how minor they may seem, is essential. The incident form creates a record that allows us to address problems right away, determine any necessary actions, and prevent escalation. By actively maintaining an atmosphere of mutual respect through forms like this, Rebel Wine Bar can continue fostering a positive, comfortable space for our entire community to enjoy.

Food + Wine Recipes

Cocktail Videos


  • Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno
    (10 Minutes Airfryer Setting)
    Then Plate (use utensil when grabbing hot food)
  • Fritatas Toast Recipe
    cut Fritata in half and put into oven (1o min Airfry setting)
    While fritata is cooking setup crostinis onto plate (4 big crostinis or 5 small ones)
    slice tomato and then slice in half, use half slides ontop of crostini
    once Fritata is done, safely place fritata on top
    then place a small bundle of arugula + crumble blue cheese on top
    drizzle balsamic and a tiny bit of pesto/ olive oil
    add some salt
  •  Smoke Salmon Carpaccio (no cooking needed) 
    Setup arugula flat on one side of the white plate
    Stretch out long pieces of smoke salmon
    Add olive oil, pesto, pepper, salt, and a bit of balsamic
    add more balsamic and olive oil / salt onto the arugula
  • Carnivore’s Caprese 
    Place salami + sausage onto hot open panini press
    while cooking for 5 minutes (just to toast a bit)
    Place 4 slices of mozarella onto plate
    Carefully put hot salami and fold in half on top of each mozzarella slice
    then carefully place one sausage centered above the salami
    then place 1 large dot of pesto
    drizzle the rest with olive oil

Plating Videos

3 Cheese Plate

Sweet and Savory

Prosciutto and Pear Plate

Caprese Salad

Smoked Salmon Caviar Blinis

Lemon Cake

Chocolate Lava Cake

Citrus Prosciutto Panini (Food Prep)

Lemon Cake

Chocolate Lava Cake

Toasting Crostinis (Food Prep)

Wine Flight Recipes

Around the World: Red

3 oz pours

  • Sangue di Giuda barbero
  • Sepp Zweigelt
  • Chateau Auguste Bordeaux

Around the World: White

3 oz pours

  • Dragonstone Riesling
  • Blanquito Albarino
  • Poggio Grillo


no wifi? put music via bluetooth.

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