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Rain or Shine: Unforgettable Date Ideas in Fort Lauderdale

Don’t let a little rain dampen your date night! Fort Lauderdale offers a variety of indoor gems that turn stormy weather into an opportunity for a unique and memorable experience. From speakeasy bars to bowling alleys, here are some fun and cozy date ideas that work well even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Speakeasy Elegance: Stache Drinking Den + Coffee Bar

Kick off your evening at Stache Drinking Den + Coffee Bar, Fort Lauderdale’s premier speakeasy. This hidden gem offers a delightful blend of craft cocktails, live music, and a cozy atmosphere. Enjoy the intimate setting as you sip on expertly crafted drinks, transporting you to the glamour of a bygone era.

Strikes and Laughter: Manor Lanes Bowling

Bring out your playful side at Manor Lanes Bowling. This retro-style bowling alley is a perfect spot for some friendly competition. Challenge your date to a few games and share some laughs while enjoying the neon-lit ambiance. It’s a great way to keep the fun rolling, rain or shine.

Comedy and Cocktails: Improv at the Dania Improv

For a night filled with laughter, head to the Dania Beach Improv. This comedy club brings in talented stand-up comedians, guaranteeing an evening of hilarity. Share a plate of appetizers, sip on your favorite drinks, and enjoy the show together.

Rebel Spirit: Rebel Wine Bar

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Step outside the traditional date night and venture to Rebel Wine Bar for a rebellious twist. Nestled in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Rebel offers an eclectic mix of wines in a relaxed, unpretentious setting. Explore their diverse selection and let the rebellious spirit of this wine bar add a unique touch to your date. For more date night ideas click here.

Culinary Adventure: Cooking Class at Publix Aprons Cooking School

Embrace the indoors with a hands-on culinary experience at Publix Aprons Cooking School. Join a cooking class together and learn how to whip up a delicious meal under the guidance of skilled chefs. It’s a fantastic way to bond, create, and enjoy a tasty feast.

Arcade Nostalgia: Xtreme Action Park

Unleash your inner child at Xtreme Action Park, Fort Lauderdale’s ultimate indoor entertainment destination. From arcade games to go-kart racing, this venue offers a variety of activities to keep you engaged. Challenge each other to some classic arcade games or race around the track for an adrenaline-packed date.

Artistic Escape: ArtServe

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Indulge your creative side with a visit to ArtServe. This cultural hub showcases local artists and hosts various art events. Wander through the exhibits hand in hand, appreciating the diverse range of artistic expressions.

Fort Lauderdale’s vibrant indoor scene ensures that a little rain won’t put a damper on your date plans. From hidden speakeasies to rebellious wine bars, there’s a venue to suit every taste. So, the next time the weather takes an unexpected turn, use it as an opportunity to explore the city’s indoor wonders and create lasting memories with your special someone.